Easy Ways To Make A Small Business Look Appealing From The Outside

Have you ever walked into a business only to discover that the layout looks like a minefield of obstacles just waiting for a customer to walk through and get hurt? Maybe it’s not that obvious, but there are many ways that customers can get hurt that are often overlooked by business owners and store employees. If you are a business owner or manager of a retail store, there are many things to be aware of so that you can prevent injury to your employees or one of your customers.

Slip and Falls

Even though it’s a common problem in grocery stores, spills and messes can be an issue in any business environment. It’s important to clean up the mess as soon as it occurs and then place signage that alerts customers that there is a slick spot on the floor. In restaurants especially, it may see like a good idea to mop up religiously behind the counter and in the kitchen area, but overdoing it makes the floor overly wet and slippery. This can put employees in danger of falling. If applicable for the business environment, have employees wear special shoes to prevent them for slipping.

Ineffectively Installed Decor

Many lawsuits you could look here have been brought to court by customers who have had a display or signage fall on them. To prevent any liability, have managers check that anything installed in the store is secured. Performing periodic checks will help ensure that any displays, signage, or decor that is installed ineffectively is quickly remediated.

Unattended Merchandise

Anytime there are obstacles on the floor, whether products, carts, or Check Out Your URL personal items that have been inadvertently dropped, the risk of customers tripping or falling increases. If the store is very large and busy, conduct blitzes where employees do a quick sweep of the floor to pick up or move any potential hazard. Training employees to take the initiative and keep the floor clean and clear will help avoid potential accidents.

Too Tight Aisles

Even if space is limited and product selection is high, avoid cramming too much product into an aisle. This creates too tight of a space for customers to safely travel through. Blocked aisles or exits can be especially detrimental if there is a fire or issue and customers had to evacuate quickly.

Keep Alert

Encourage employees to be on the lookout for unsafe behavior, both on behalf of customers and their fellow workers. Even if it puts them in an awkward position with a parent, have employees be assertive and approach a child who may be fiddling with a stanchion or display that could result in an injury.


Display any necessary signage prominently to ensure exits are marked and restricted areas are not used by customers. Use stanchions and other signage to keep customers where they are allowed to shop and still maintain and visually pleasing atmosphere.

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